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Let's take a look at the new section of the site. Here you will find a range of new files that will show you how creative you can be. Whether it's a 1 MB Markdown file for your tests, or a 100 MB JPG for experimenting with your project, everything you need is here. These test files are made for you to test your work in practice. Choose the file of your choice and take your project testing to the next level!

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What is JSON File?

Category : Code

JSON File (JavaScript Object Notation) is one of the most widely used data formats on the internet today. JSON is a format designed for easy storage, transmission and processing of data. Being both human-readable and computer-processable has made JSON very popular in web-based applications and services. Json Files can often be used in APIs and tests. Here you can download the dummy (sample) json files you need for free.

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What is Markdown File?

Category : Code

Markdown is a markup language that allows you to format text simply and quickly. It helps you create easily readable and writable text when creating web content. One of the main advantages of Markdown is that you can format text without the need for complex HTML code. You can easily use functions such as headings, highlights, list creation, etc. Markdown is widely used in many areas such as document creation, blogging, posting on forums, etc. It is a text formatting tool preferred by users because of its simple and intuitive structure. For this reason, Markdown is growing in popularity and is preferred by many people who want to create web content.

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What is SQL File?

Category : Code

SQL files (*.sql) are scripts used for managing data held in a relational database management system. These scripts can include data insertion, updates, and schema creations that help you manipulate and manage your database effectively.

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What is EXE File?

Category : General

On this page you can download free test files of the Executable (.exe) file format, the basic building block of computer programs.

View Example EXE Files

What is XML File?

Category : Code

XML example files are demo files created in XML format, commonly used for programming and data interchange. These files are designed for developers to test applications, simulate data exchange, and learn XML structure. XML files can be customized for different scenarios and are provided with appropriate MIME type and file extension.

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What is MP4 File?

Category : Video

View Example MP4 Files

What is PDF File?

Category : Document

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and was developed by Adobe Systems. It combines rich content such as text, images and hyperlinks, allowing users to share documents across different operating systems and devices with the same view. Its wide use has made it indispensable for electronic document sharing. Thanks to its open-source readers and software, viewing and editing documents in PDF format is easy and accessible.

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What is PNG File?

Category : Image

PNG is a file format used to compress high-quality images and is known for its ability to have "transparent" backgrounds. This makes PNG ideal for web design and graphics work, as the images can blend seamlessly with any background on the page. In addition, PNG offers lossless compression, meaning that images do not lose quality when compressed. This makes PNG the format of choice for graphics that require clarity and detail.

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What is JPG File?

Category : Image

The JPG file format is a widely used image format for photographs and web graphics. JPG (or JPEG) is named after the Joint Photographic Experts Group, the name of the expert group that created it. This format is ideal for images with lots of color gradations because it offers excellent color depth. It uses lossy compression, which results in a smaller file size, making it suitable for storing and sharing images without any noticeable loss of quality. It is also useful when sharing images quickly over the internet.

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What is Zip File?

Category : Compressed

A zip file is a popular file format that compresses multiple files and folders into a single file, allowing it to take up less space. This format saves both time and space when storing and transferring files. It is often preferred when sharing files over the internet or taking backups. The Zip format is an indispensable part of the digital world due to its wide usage and compression efficiency.

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What is TXT File?

Category : Text

A file with the TXT extension is a text document. It is a standard text file format, often preferred by computer users. It stands out for its simplicity and lightness because it does not contain any formatting, storing only plain text. This format can be easily opened and edited on different operating systems and devices, making it ideal for exchanging a wide range of data. It is the preferred format for basic text-based operations such as coding, note-taking, or simple document creation.

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What is PHP File?

Category : Code

PHP file format is the file format of the PHP Language used to create dynamic web pages that run server-side. PHP stands for 'Hypertext Preprocessor'. PHP files are considered one of the cornerstones of web development and are widely used to power web applications. Although simple text editors can open PHP Files, for the best experience, you can open them with editors such as Visual Studio Code, PHPStorm.

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Example - Sample - Dummy Files

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Examplefile.com is not only a site for downloading sample files in a variety of formats, but also a source of information where you can discover everything about files. Packed with in-depth format reviews, information about file types and mime types, you can learn how to use all kinds of file types, while also downloading sample files for your own projects. As a file format library, we offer everything you need to test, create and learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dummy (Sample File) is typically a file of a specific size and without any content. As the name implies, the file's content does not contain real data.

Example File is a file that contains content and is used to demonstrate or test a specific feature or functionality. Example files can be used to test software, applications, or websites. They can also be used to provide users with a sample of the content or data that will be included in a final product.

Example files are safe to use. They do not contain any harmful content or malware. Dummy files are typically used for testing purposes and do not pose any security risks. However, it is always important to download files from trusted sources to ensure that they are safe to use.